Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hands of Mercy

Before we begin today's 'good report' from S'derot we want to remind everyone that November is
The 2 Spies 2nd anniversary and we are having a Celebration. We will be giving away a basket of Israeli goodies. To find out how you can win click here.

Someone has asked us what is in the basket. Let's just leave it as a surprise~ although after enjoying so many tastes of tea this week we feel certain that there will be some Wissotzky's Tea!

Yesterday's post was about the rockets pounding Southern Israel from Gaza. (to read click here). We promised we would share today 'A' positive side of the situation there.

As we know from the Tanach G-d is always taking horrible situations and turning them into something for our benefit. The example that comes to mind is the story of Joseph~ whose brothers sold him into slavery. We know that he was later used to safe the family of Jacob and turn what his brothers meant for evil into something good. 

We are presented with situations daily that are evil with the challenge to bring something good~ and Holy~ into that area. In Sderot there is a group that is doing just that.

'Hands of Mercy' is a group that began during the intifada to help those who had suffered under terror attacks~ civilians and soldiers alike. Bringing encouragement, support and finances when necessary Yishai Reinhart ( a Vietnam Veteran) and his volunteers faithfully visited hospital and homes~ day and night.

The 'Hands of Mercy' team courageously moved their center from Jerusalem into the heart of S'derot  in order to begin a vitally needed family crisis-assistance facility. "Tents of Victory" became a most fitting name for their center, in honor of The Almighty who has so faithfully has provided His great deliverance against our enemies.

The staff of  Hands of Mercy is busy with different projects from clothing distribution, to soup kitchens, emergency food packages, school lunches, home industries for those who have no work, therapy projects and offering entertainment for the children who spend too much time in bomb shelters.

Volunteer Cooks for the Soup Kitchen
"Hands of Mercy"

Yisha Reinhart & Tzvi with 'survival boxes'

Volunteers eating after the guests have finished

Portable bomb shelter

Hands of Mercy Victory Garden~ Veggies for the neighbors

Clothing Distribution

Cottage industry

The 2 Spies have visited Hands of Mercy several times. (One of those times was when we had to run for the bomb shelter) We are amazed at the diligence and faithfulness of each of the members and their great compassion for their neighbors.

If you are interested in helping click here

The 2 Spies

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