Monday, November 12, 2012

Wissotzky Tea

It's raining~ It's been raining all day~  Marvelous, pounding dripping rain, and blowing wind to go along with it. We are rejoicing of course as we always need rain. We are also very happy that we did not have to go out in it today. It made for a very cozy Yom Rishon (Sunday) which was a blessing as The 2 Spies are sick~ very sick.

We are not complaining. We understand that each time we catch this particular type of sickness (all kinds of sinus 'stuff' ) it is because we are so very blessed. We have 10 grandchildren within kissing & hugging distance which means.... sometimes they share with us.

So, out comes the tea. Lots of tea.  When we first moved here there was only one brand of tea. Wissotzky. And they had only one type of tea. A black tea that ,to us, was rather weak. The company was started in Russia in 1849 and 'made Aliyah' in 1936. (We don't know if it made Aliyah that year but that is the year that someone started the first plant here in the Land) It was 'the' tea of choice back then.

This company has expanded their selection of teas and the quality so much that The 2 Spies pretty much drink only Wissotzky tea. (Hunny still likes his Lipton) There are herbal infusion, floral leaf collections, chai, green teas and more. So many lovely choices. And when one is sick.... choice is a comfort.

We find it amazing how a tea company can show the growth and flourishing of a country. In '36 we were a pioneer country. In the ealry 90's (when The 2 Spies first came) there were more innovations and a bit of growth. During those years any industry was a foundling and gamble.

With the increase of population, innovation and wealth there is so much more available to our 'Start-up Nation'. Down to a marvelous choice of something so simple as tea. We find it all quite amazing.

This is the tea this Spy is enjoying as I write....
and is also the tea in this lovely video. Gotta love a company that values Motherhood~ Enjoy~

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