Sunday, August 28, 2011

Gilad Shalit

This day in History:28 August 1986-Gilad Schalit
(גלעד שליט),was born. 
He is an IDF soldier who was kidnapped from Israel by Hamas.
Gilad is held in Gaza Strip since 25 June 2006.
We pray that you will be free soon!

Gilad in Captivity

When Gilad was 11 years old he wrote a story about a shark and a fish.  8 Years later he was captured by Palestinian terrorists. Below, listen to children reading Gilad's story and his heart for peace.


  1. Praying that Gilad will be safe until he comes home. And may that happen speedily and in our day! Amen....

  2. May this be a Birthday that Gilad Shalit be released to his family


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