Friday, December 2, 2011

Time to go Home

The 2 Spies have been in the States for almost 2 weeks. First we'd like to say that we appreciate all the prayers for our Mother and to let you know that she is trying her best to get better. Eating more each day. Going to physical therapy. For a 96 year old woman.... she is doing well. We are having precious time with her and are thankful that G-d has allowed us these moments.

Being American and Israeli brings about a different view and feeling when we are here. We realize that we have become more Israeli than American and at times this feel like such a foriegn country. We are in the same city where we grew up going to a lot of the same places~ but it feels distant, almost alien. We are noticing, again, that we have changed. Our priorities. What we consider to be our needs. How we spend our time. We are just.... different.

We are amazed at how many Israelis live in the States. Every mall  seems to have at least one kiosk with young Israelis selling their wares. Most of these young people have finished their IDF army duty and are seeing the world. The drawback is that alot of them stay. And many others join them. The life in the States is an easier more carefree one than they grew up with. Their hard work ethic makes the States a golden opportunity to be successful in business. The magnetic pull keeps Israelis here with no thought of returning to the Land.

The Israel Ministry of Absorption has started a campaign to 'wake-up' these Israelis to come home to Israel. We'd like to share these short clips with you. If you'd like to read the original article and the controversy it has stirred, click here

In this first clip, the Isareli Grandparents are talking on Skype with their US family. The Grandmother asks the girl what hag (holiday) it is....
"They will always be Israeli. Their children may not. Help them come home"

This next one: the American boyfriend misunderstands the Israeli partners lack of interest in going out. What he does not understand is that it is Yom Zichron (Memorial Day)

This video angered American Jews, suggesting that Israelis should not marry non-Israeli partners, because they will never understand Israeli holidays such as the Soldiers and Victims of Terrorism Remembrance Day.

 " They will always be Israeli. Their children~ no"


  1. It was so good to talk to you even for a brief time. Love you.

  2. This breaks my think that people are willing to give up their heritage for temporal things. There are so many of us who have lost track of our heritage generations ago who would give it all up in a heartbeat to know ours.

  3. The Prime Minister has since pulled this campaign because of US Jewish community pressure....

  4. missed seeing you this time around. Perhaps next time & you will be here for better reasons. I will keep Momma in prayer, keep us posted. ((Huggs))

    Much Love to you both!


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