Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Orphans in Israel Need You!

Today we are reposting an older column about the Orphans in Israel. We have been helping the Re'ut Boys Home of Jerusalem. Our fundraising campaign will end December 31. We are asking all our friends to consider partnering to help these boys keep their home. Below is the original article and information. Thank you for your consideration.

A lot of the orphans in Israel are what might be termed 'social orphans'. They may have parents or family but for circumstances beyond their control, they are not able to be in their home. It could be from neglect, parental mental illness, physical and/or sexual abuse. Orr Shalom has seen that the children at risk that are placed in their care have the best possible chance at a new life. Here is the link to the Orr Shalom website for you to learn more about them: Orr Shalom

The 2 Spies along with our grand daughter visited the Re'ut Home. The website describes Re'ut:
Re'ut Home is a residential intensive treatment center for boys, ages 7-14, who suffer from severe emotional and behavioral disturbances as a result of core damage and neglect at the earliest stages of life.  Most of the boys act in a destructive and self-destructive manner as an expression of their deep-seated mistrust and suspicion which is a result of their past experience. Re’ut was created as a last-stop safety net for children who were rejected or expelled by all other institutions, and for whom the only remaining options are psychiatric hospitals or closed juvenile detention centers.

We were very impressed with the staff we met and the description of the care the boys receive. Because of their severe damage, the boys live mostly at the home. They are not able to go to regular schools so they also have school at the facility. Their tender, broken spirits need continual attention, nurturing and care. At the Re'ut Home they receive round-the-clock supervision and attention. Re'ut is the only place for them. There is no where else to go.

Recently the Ministry of Welfare informed Orr Shalom that the Re'ut facility is not up to standards and would be closed. After a bit of negotiation, Re'ut has been given the opportunity to make the necessary improvements. They have a limited amount of time to do so.

The 2 Spies have begun a campaign to raise funds to help with some of the $600,000 costs. If you are interested in helping orphans with the side benefit of blessing Israel, please go to our funding website to learn more and to make your donation. Any amount is a help. You may want to consider passing this site on to others so they may join in the blessing! Click here:  Re'ut Home for Boys Funding website

Toda Raba~ from us~ for the boys!

Roni, the director of Re'ut, in one of the activity rooms.


Gaming area
Weekly schedule. Notice how tightly packed each day is, from morning until bedtime.This helps build order into their lives and predictability. Very important for children who have had none.

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