Saturday, December 10, 2011


Judah Maccabee and his Army
Preparing our hearts and our homes for the Festival of Lights. In Israel it is not as difficult to keep perspective. We are not surrounded with the rushing tides of the Christmas holiday. Our celebration is not in counter-balance but is the central focus.

It is difficult in the diaspora at times to hold our own and not let other customs and purposes filter in and color our observance. Being in the galut (exile), it is all too easy to compromise. This is actually one of the main themes of Chanukah~ assimilation, wanting to be like those around us.  It is what got us in trouble in the first place~ wanting to be like the Greeks~ even to the point of removing the marks of circumcision (OUCH!)

Bless G-d that there were righteous men and women who stood up and said 'ENOUGH!' and were willing to give their lives to restore purity to the Temple and to the Nation.

We would like to encourage you to examine your thoughts about Chanukah and your observance. How assimilated have you become? It's an important question and this is the time of year to ask~ and answer it. It is our opportunity to remove the 'idols' from the 'Temple' of our thinking and practice and to seek a miracle of Light to shine once again in our hearts.

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