Sunday, December 26, 2010

~Day 35~ 6 Million Reasons~

There have always been those who have hated the Jewish people. Throughout the centuries there have been pogroms, persecutions and murders. The driving force is to rid the world of any influence of the People of the Book. The onslaught has been consistent and insidious. From century to century. But not one campaign has succeeded. Those who carry and breed the venom of Jew-hatred do not understand one simple yet massive truth. There is a covenant with the Jewish people made by the G-d of heaven and earth. He has promised that they will always stand before Him and their people will be uncountable. Any who have come against the Jewish people do not realize that they come against the Creator of the Universe. They may try, but they will never succeed.

When we make Aliyah, accepting our part in the covenant relationship between G-d and Avraham, we step into a world full of blessing. We move from the stifling diaspora, which is not where we are meant to live, into the near Garden of Eden of Israel~ which is our perfect environment. It is here that we reach our fullest potential. It is here our gifts and talents are magnified. From this place, our wings ~ which were clipped in the galut~ are now free to grow and we are able to soar to greater heights.

In the shadow of the Holocaust this nation was birthed. Every person who makes the commitment to enter the land, gives a living memorial to those who suffered and died. Each step we take here is shouting to the world 'You did NOT succeed!' Every child that is born, each harvest that is gleaned, all the innovation that comes from those living here~ all is the counter-balance to the Enemies of Israel. Our greatest weapon against antisemitism is to grab hold of the Promise and make it our own. We who thrive in the Land are the reflection of the G-d of Heaven and His kept promises.


  1. We stand with our Jewish friends. To demonstrate the Lord's love as best we can.

  2. All I can say is "YES and AMEN". Beautifully written


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