Wednesday, December 29, 2010

~Day 38~ Demographics~

Israel National News

According to several news reports, there has been an increase in Aliyah of 16% the past two years after several years of decline. There are many factors for the increase including finally opening the doors to the Ethiopian community and increasing education about Israel to western countries. Even though The 2 Spies are obviously very happy about the increase, let's look at this numbers game in a different light.

A 2001 census placed the number of Jews in the world at 13.3 million.  4.9 million of those live in Israel. That means that 8.3 million live in the diaspora.  If we continue at the rate of 20,000 Jews making Aliyah a year ~not counting the number of Israelis that are leaving Israel or the projected birthrate~ at this rate, the Aliyah will be complete in only.... 415 years!

In the history of the Aliyah, the times when there has been a monumental increase in Aliyah has usually been for two reasons. Those who had long wanted to make Aliyah but couldn't ~ like in the former U.S.S.R, Ethiopians, Bnei Menashe~ once the way was open for them, came in mass. In 1989, the doors to the Russian Jews were open and 500,000 came the first year.

The other reason for a spike in Aliyah is persecution. Any time the antisemitism increases in a country, the Aliyah will also increase. History has shown over and over again, that as long as the Jewish people are allowed to live side-by-side without trouble, we usually do not move to Israel. As soon as the nations become dangerous, we move. (see November 12 blog 'A Safe Place')

Both of these reasons for coming to Israel are understandable, but also a very sad statement to those who have been given the freedom of choice, time and again we choose to NOT come home. We identify more with the Diaspora than with Torah and our G-d. This 40 days of reporting the lovely things about Israel and Aliyah is almost coming to a close. The harsh reality, is that most of you who are reading this, who are Jewish, will still not make a quality decision to prepare to come to Israel. The more harsh reality, is that G-d has not only promised this as our home, He demands it to be so. Because of this, the time will come when your home country will no longer welcome you. The place of your identity and security will reject you. If you wait that long, hopefully it will not be too late.

The 2 Spies deepest desires are that you will hear and be compelled to obey. Come while you are free to make your own choices. Come while you are able to bring your wealth with you. Come in peace and not in flight. HaShem will have His way one way or the other. How much more enjoyable to participate with Him rather than in spite of Him.

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