Wednesday, December 22, 2010

~Day 31~ Your Input ~

The main purpose of The 2 Spies blog is to encourage those who are eligible to make Aliyah to do so. At least to begin to consider the idea.

Today, we would like for you to post your questions, fears, ideas thoughts about Israel and Aliyah in the blog comment area. It is a moderated site so your comment will not appear immediately. You do not have to leave your name, although it is nice to know who you are. But if you could please list your country, that would be appreciated. In a few days we will address the comments we receive.

We would also ask, if you have found these writings to be encouraging or helpful in anyway that you let us know in the comment box.

Lastly, and most importantly.... please share this blog with those who you know who need encouragement to take the leap and move to Israel.

The 2 Spies are grateful to those of you who have been following this blog and we are strengthen knowing that you are there!


  1. December 22nd 2010 (31)

    For those who are Jewish and are undecided about making Aliyah may I simply say:

    I am a gentile believer. I always wanted to go to visit Israel once, just to say that I had been. What the good LORD has done in my heart is amazing. Sixteen visits later, and another two planned for the next eight months … you can see this is not of man. The LORD has given me such a love for Israel and the Jewish people that has so greatly enriched me this last 15 years. The Scriptures have come alive to me as I am now starting to see the Jewish foundations of my faith.

    Readers, if He will do this for me, a gentile, how much more will He not also do even more for you, my dear Jewish brothers and sisters as you make Aliyah to Eretz Yisrael.

    Steve Perry UK <><

  2. As one that has been grafted in to the greater house of Israel by Yeshua, I find my spirit burning more and more to be in Israel. Weather my physical blood line is Jewish or not (still doing research) Spiritually I am and if I may, Steve Perry so are you. (see Romans 11)

    Your blog site is most helpful and is a way to stay in touch with not only you, but the land as well. We hope to see you soon and walk the hills once again. My wife and I were talking only last night about this present season we are in here in America and how sick we are of this lie that is continually being thought concerning the the Messiahs birth, and she said, "You know we need to move some place that...." before she could finish, we both said ISRAEL at the same time.
    So Aliyah may be more of a possibility than we ever thought.
    The 2 Spies once told us that, "some jump in with both feet, and some go a little at a time" Well, we jumped with both feet. Blessings to you.


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