Friday, December 24, 2010

~ Day 34~ Shabbat Shalom

Shabbat. An island in time. A suspended place set apart for just you and your Beloved.

Turn everything off. Strip off the need to run helter-skelter. Put to death the tyranny of the urgent.

Come away and remember. Slip away and renew. Enter into that place of Rest.

Shabbat Shalom

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We are Believers, children of Believers
and we don't have anyone on whom to rely
Except Our Father
Who is in heaven
Yisrael, Yisrael trust on HaShem
He is your help and your shield

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  1. December 24th 2010 (34)

    During January 1989 I was watching a beautiful programme on tv. That programme chronicled the life of a believer (in N Wales, UK) who was asked to give up what he was doing, which he felt was really important in his life, and do something different.

    I sent the gent a short encouraging letter which he replied to.

    In grappling with his decision, he grew to know he needed to make that change. Part of that change of heart came as he received another letter form a person in the N of England. In my original letter, I had said of a somewhat easier but nonetheless difficult choice I, too, had to make. His reply contained a few words from his other letter. It said:

    “God looks on and says, ‘Let us call a halt, a breather. Store in some fuel, My love, My grace that I’m aching to pour into your heart and soul because I love you too much for you to fritter your life away on too much activity. I want you for Myself; you and Me only.’ ”

    World thinking sees rest as what we do after we have worked too hard. This is not the Scriptural model. Adam’s first day on earth was a day of rest. Let us also make this shift of emphasis so that we then have the energy to work.

    The Sabbath is such a day when all the distractions of the world can be shut out as we meditate on Him. Amen!

    Steve Perry UK


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