Friday, August 19, 2011

Israel Lacrosse

Dr Jazz and Band
Last Motze Shabbat, we were pleased to be part of the first Lacrosse tournament in Israel. There is a grassroots effort taking place to bring Lacrosse to Israel. If Saturday night's game is any indication of what is in store for us, we do hope that it happens soon. It was a marvelous evening with entertainment by Dr Jazz and his band, t-shirts and games and prizes for the children (this Spy walked away with a Israel Lacrosse polo shirt) and 'entertainment' at the breaks.
Yuval and Ben

The website tells us that it was a 'standing room only' crowd. And it was! Kraft Stadium isn't very big, so that was not a difficult task. Because there were only a couple hundred of us (counting the players) the atmosphere was quite neighborly~ with the referees even coming at half-time to answer questions about the game!

"Tel Aviv"


The Lacrosse Israel club was formed just this past April with players coming from all over Israel. One player we talked with actually had never played Lacrosse but is an ice hockey player from the northern part of Israel. The photos above look rather impressive. What you don't see~ 'The-turn-your-shirt-inside-out-switch'

Quick-Change Artists
The final score was 12-11 with Jerusalem as the winners of the 'Zimmerman Cup'. It was an exciting evening and a privilege to be spectators of the first ever Lacrosse game in Israel. Kol HaKavod men and we hope to see more of you in the future!

Adam Goldberg~ high scorer for Jerusalem
To learn more about Lacrosse in Israel click here Israel Lacrosse


  1. This is so cool. What a treat for you and the family and all that were there.

  2. As the Head Coach for the Israeli National Team I was so impressed with the players we found through this process, the quality of the game that was played and the fan support we received. It was an incredible evening and I can't wait to be back in Israel! TY to all that attended. This is just the beginning of something big in Israel.

  3. Bill
    We do certainly hope it is the beginning something wonderful here in the Land. I had never seen a Lacrosse game before and am eager to learn more. My husband, being very sports savvy, kept me up with the action. We agree.... it was an incredible evening. Thanks for all your hard work!!


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