Wednesday, August 3, 2011

'The Best Revenge for Terror - Live Well'

'The Best revenge for terror~live well' is a quote by Kay Wilson.
Kay is a neighbor and a friend of many of us in Israel. She and her friend Kristine Luken were brutally attacked while on a hike near Jerusalem. (Original story) Kay lived. Kristine did not. it was a horrendous day that we will never forget. We are eternally thankful that Kay lived. We are grieved that her dear friend, Kristine Luken, did not. You can read The 2 Spies tribute to Kristine here: Hidden Honey.

Kay has been invited to participate in a conference on terrorism in Paris~ the aims of which are to raise the profile of terrorism world-wide and gather ideas how to combat it. At this a-political conference and as a terror victim, Kay has been asked to tell her story. To quote Kay:

        'I also consider it an honor to represent my country and am hopeful that maybe just something in my     story will motivate many more to work against this global, yet ghastly personal, evil.'
We would like to share a recent interview with Kay and her amazing attitude. We are inspired by her courage and perspective.
As told to Julie Stahl~ CBN Mideast New Correspondent:CBN News

The crime made headlines around the world -- two hikers stabbed by Palestinian terrorists and left for dead. But Kay Wilson survived the attack, and she's using her life to encourage others not to be afraid.

Last December, Wilson -- an Israeli tour guide -- took her friend Kristine Luken hiking on the Israel Trail outside Jerusalem.What happened that day changed her life forever.
"We were walking not far from here," Wilson recalled. "We were caught by surprise by two Palestinian terrorists... they stabbed us both, each one of us 12 times."

Wilson survived by playing dead. Then she and her dog Peanut -- who was also stabbed -- walked almost a mile to a nearby picnic table where she found help.Police found Luken's body the next day.

During the attack, Wilson said she stabbed one of the terrorists. DNA from her pen knife helped police arrest the attackers.

"I think she's a real brave and great woman because what she did that night was really unbelievable," one investigator said.

Wilson recently returned to the park where she was attacked, as a tour guide and to encourage Israelis not to be afraid."I feel in some ways it could be redemptive. I think the best revenge for terror is to live well and to live a life of meaning," Wilson said."And not stop what we're going to do," she added. "Not sit at home because that's exactly what they want."

Despite the attack, Wilson said Israel is no more dangerous than anywhere else, and tourists should still come visit.

She would also like people to remember the enthusiasm of her slain friend Kristine Luken, an American Christian."She was never bland about anything. Enthusiasm was contagious so that's what I'd want to convey to people," Wilson said. "Also she really did dedicate her life to the Jewish people."

Another friend, Annie Selibowitz, told Wilson although the terrorists stabbed her 12 times, God had actually saved her life 12 times."I've just learned that when one is faced with such incredible violence and such a terrible evil attack that God is always there, and that we have so much to be grateful for," Wilson said.

That's exactly the message she wants to convey to others.

"I'll never know why Kristine died and I survived, (but) the thing that made me get up when I had those terrible injuries… it was the fact that I wanted to live," Wilson explained.
"It's this idea that my life is being given back," she said. "And we have a mandate to live."

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