Sunday, November 18, 2012

Shavua Tov!

We want to thank everyone for their outpouring of concern, prayers and support.  It strengthens us for our task at hand.

We were quite surprised when the sirens went off on Shabbat ~ just after candle lighting! At first we thought it might be a 'mistake'. We went to our safe room anyway and waited for news. As most of you know it wasn't a mistake... shelling did reach the outer areas of Jerusalem.

That siren was, for us, a greater wake-up call. While we were waiting we began discussing if we are REALLY ready. On so many fronts we are. But in many small ways we are not. We recently moved into a much larger place with the impression that it would be needed to be a refuge for others. Those who live in the areas where the alarms are continually going off need a break every now and then. So we began making a list of what we would need in order to comfortably invite people in. Beds was first on the list. (we did get two just tonight )

On Shabbat Day, I met a lady who had come to Jerusalem from S'derot for just such a respite. She has 3 children and they really needed a break~ and a good night's sleep. Imagine her shock when the siren went off. 

It turns out that she is the wife of one of the men who works for Hands of Mercy (see the recent blog). I had been thinking last week of calling them to see if anyone down there needed to come.... and now here this precious lady was~ After talking and sharing for a while, I invited her to come stay with us next trip.

As I went for my walk this evening, it struck me how these days we are in are so in line with our Hebrew names.... one of our names means 'Miracles' in Hebrew and the other name had written about her that she was placed where she was "for such a time as this". A real sense of walking in our Destiny.

On that note... we will say again~ toda raba for your support,  Shavua Tov and good night.

Esther~ born Hadassah~ Queen of Persia

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