Saturday, November 10, 2012


We have passed our 2 year mark~ We have so enjoyed the joy and the challenge of bring a 'good report' that we are going to celebrate with you, our readers.

 To celebrate we are going to give a gift package of wonderful products from the Land to one of our readers. (We did this last year and had such fun with it)

Now the big question: How do you participate?

Each time you participate, your name will go on a ticket which is put into the 'hat'. 
The winner will be announced November 30. 

Here's how you get your 'tickets':

1. Beginning today~ leave a comment below on this blog. Maybe tell us what you've enjoyed. Or how you found us. BUT be sure to leave your first name. We will post every day (except Shabbat) until November 29. Stop by and leave a comment each day. Each comment = 1 'ticket'

2. Go to 'The 2 Spies' Facebook page and post a comment.
Each day you post = 1 'ticket'

3. Send us an email:  1 email= 1 'ticket'

On November 30 all the tickets will be put into the hat and one of The 2 Spies cute grandchildren will pull the winning name~ 

We are looking forward to reading your comments!

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