Saturday, November 5, 2011

Food Tour of the North!

What a marvelous 5 days we had resting in the Galil! We were there just after Sukkot so everyone had gone home and it was QUIET.  Just what we needed. We spent time being with friends for a couple of days and then time on our own. The North is so totally different from central Israel. It's like another world ~ and we love it!

One of our highlights was to visit different 'food' places on the Golan. Olive oil, goat's cheese, honey and of course chocolate!! There are plenty of wineries also but we don't really enjoy wine (gasp)  so we skipped those.
Let us take you on a little pictorial tour:
Our first stop was to Kibbutz Naot Mordechai ~ home of the Naot Shoe Factory~ established in 1949. After going almost bankrupt in 1988, they switched to making a 'healthier' and much more comfortable shoe much in the style of Birkenstock. This Spies' shoe of choice. I LOVE my Naots.
Naot Shoes ~ Factory outlet store.  Not food but couldn't by-pass this one!
Too many choices!  Ended up with 2 pair of slippers a pair of shoes and a new purse!

  From here we wound our way though the lovely hills to Kibbutz Shamir and visited their apiary. This was a new word for me. Here's the official definition:

a·pi·ar·y [ey-pee-er-ee]

a place in which a colony or colonies of bees are kept, as a stand or shed for beehives or a beehouse containing a number of beehives.
 Having settled that.... here are some photos!
This was inside the shop. Interesting see the bees up close!

Honey with Royal Jelly
The Galil Apiary had an informative movie all about bees and their multiple 'by-products'. It was in Hebrew only but we got most of the information. Enough to walk out with 2 jars of Royal Jelly, one of Pollen in Royal jelly, a hand cream and a healing balm for eczema. (which worked!) Here is the link to their website: Galil Apiary
To be continued.....

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