Tuesday, November 8, 2011


One year ago we began 'The 2 Spies' blog. Our intention was to bring a good report of the Land of Israel. A counter-balance to the daily newspapers.  Little did we know how this would challenge us as well as be a blessing to us! To daily look for the Milk & Honey does not minimize the other events and situations here. Rather than be overcome with an evil report, the Giants in the Land, we seek to over-come evil with good... and with the reality that this Land is continually under the watchful eye of the Creator of the Universe. Jerusalem is the place of His name. We have learned that He is Everywhere.With that in mind, it is not difficult to look, to taste and to know that this is indeed a unique country. We have learned, like the Psalmist, 
"Our feet have fallen in pleasant places".". 

The other blessing for us this year has been the support of our readers. Your words of encouragement have been the wind beneath our wings. We have been buoyed by your prayers and good wishes.  We have also noticed that we have many new followers from all over the world. We do not know how you found us but we do know that we are glad that you are here and that you keep coming back. 

"Nuff" said--  On to the celebration!

In honor of our one year anniversary, The 2 Spies has a gift for one of our followers.

The gift:

This is not us but maybe a pioneer relative
Part One: A tree planted in Israel by our own hands. The winner may dedicate it to whomever they desire. A certificate will be sent to the winner along with a photo of us planting YOUR tree! 
Imagine YOUR name here !

Part Two:The second half of the gift is a special selection of products from Israel gift boxed and sent to your home. The products will include wonderful reminders of the beauty and marvels of Israel.      

Treats from the Land
    Now the big question: How do you participate?

Each time you participate, your name will go on a ticket which is put into the 'hat'. 
The winner will be announced November 15. 
Here's how you get your 'tickets':

1. Leave a comment below on this blog. Maybe tell us what you've enjoyed. Or how you found us. BUT be sure to leave your first name. We will post every day (except Shabbat) until November 14. Stop by and leave a comment each day. Each comment = 1 'ticket'

2. Go to 'The 2 Spies' Facebook page and post a comment.
Each day you post = 1 'ticket'

3. Send us an email:  the2spies@gmail.com  1 email= 1 'ticket'

There is the possibility of earning 15 tickets! On November 14th a very cute grandchild (whose birthday is today) will randomly pull one ticket from the 'hat'. YOUR ticket!!

 On November 15 we will post the winner! 
Be sure to begin today with this post!
See you tomorrow!
(We're off to shop for your gift!) 


  1. What a cool idea! Also, I didn't know you had a facebook page. I'm going over there right now and 'like' you!

  2. Genius! I love it! Okay, and one favorite post from the past year was when you talked about doing good (I learned the Hebrew word for it...hmmmm...)and how that is, simply, a part of life in Israel. You shared about a woman who had a h-u-g-e list of things she does, from making meals for soldiers to visiting the sick to working with young girls..and that, while raising a huge family of seven kids! I was and am BEYOND challenged to make kindness/action a lifestyle!!!

  3. This site was suggested to me by a woman from our kehila who made aliya several years ago. Enjoy reading your blogs. Beverly

  4. i love your blog and have been fallowing it from Va. and it also helps me teach my children about Israel as part of thier school work since we homeschool. keep up the good work and i pray it blesses you as much as it is blessing us.

  5. Your blog is such a blessing and to get it daily...wonderful! Sometimes your words are so descriptive that I feel like I am in downtown Jerusalem!


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