Sunday, November 6, 2011

Food Tour of the North part 2

(This is part 2 of our tour of the Golan)
 It is amazing how many lovely hide-away places there are in the Galil. We really needed to keep our eyes open. We almost missed the turn for the Goat Cheese. Stopping too suddenly to make the turn almost got us 'rear-ended !  

There was a cafe where people were casually enjoying a light lunch out under the arbor. A beautiful peacock was strutting around but disappeared  rather quickly when we wanted to get his picture. In the shop we were allowed to taste as many different cheeses as we liked. I personally do not like goat cheese. After getting brave and tasting some, I realize that there are some goat cheeses that I DO like. Needless to say, we bought 8 different kinds and a pot of fig preserves. 
One of our hosts

Our choices

A paper mache goat
From here we headed to my favorite place, the chocolate factory. De Karina home of artisan gourmet chocolates. A friend had bought their chocolate liqueur and wanted some more. Needless to say we had to taste it to see why he enjoys it. It was marvelous !  So was the honey liqueur, the white chocolate liqueur and the caramel liqueur. There is an espresso liqueur, but we don't like coffee flavor so we didn't taste that one.
Enter the world of fine chocolates!

Tropical chocolate paradise

Chocolate winter wonderland

Chocolate sukkah... yummy!
And of course we HAD to take some home!

After a long, wonderful day touring we headed back to our cabin at our favorite place ~ Vered HaGalil

Our Cabin #10

Back Porch view of the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee)

My Friend the Jacuzzi
 We hope you enjoyed our mini-tour of the Galil. G-d willing, one day, you can come and make your own food tour of the north!

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  1. What a delightful trip you had. The goat cheese, the chocolate and, oh, that jacuzzi! Thank you for sharing your adventure.


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