Monday, November 14, 2011

Celebration Day 5!

The last day of our anniversary celebration!  Your last day to leave a comment and earn a 'ticket' If this is your first time to visit The 2 Spies, we suggest you check out the posts from the past few days to see what's going on, what's being given away and how you can win!

Be sure to check back tomorrow to see who receives some blessings from the Land!

In the meantime we'd like to share with you about a Christian group that has brought a great blessing to the Land. Tommy and Sherri Waller have a unique vision for Israel and the place of the Gentile in restoring the Land. They have, in humility, come along side the citizens of Judea and Samaria and have offered themselves as servants in whatever ways they are needed. By example, they have encouraged other Christians with a proper love of Israel~ one that is put in action.  Here is the link to learn more about this amazing couple and their group:

Now, sit back and enjoy this wonderful presentation of the Wallers and their friends at work! Enjoy~


  1. every time i see a photo of the land, it makes me homesick

  2. Wonderful! Building up Zion...for such a time as this.

  3. every time I see a photo of Israel it makes me want to be there!

  4. I will be there one day!

  5. Nice job on the slide show. Steve Martin

  6. What a WONDERFUL ministry!!! I am more than delighted for your needed and inspiring work in the land!! I have been blessed to go HOME many times to Israel, but daily, intensely HOMESICK to be there, especially with my Jewish background from both grandparents. I used to go with a group that worked on the IDF bases, but those folks have 'matured' in age, I guess, and can't do the work any longer. I have longed to be back in the land working. Since I grew up on a farm, and love working, this may be just exactly why Yah had me come across your web page. I will certainly pray that I may join you somehow. Mega blessings from Yeshua Himself for all your devoted work that glorifies Yah and His Holy Word being fulfilled everyday, even by those servant hands within your blessed gates of ministry to bless all Israel and His chosen, sweet people, the Jews.


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