Sunday, November 13, 2011

Celebration Day 4!

How much we appreciate the notes we get from our friends and readers!  You have no idea how much you encourage us. We have many who are following our blog who have known us for years BUT we know we have also made many new friends!

At the bottom of our blog is a box that is titled 'Live Traffic Feed'. It is a marvelous tool that tells when someone reads the blog and where they are from. Do not worry. It doesn't give any other information other than location and time you checked in.

What is amazing to us is where people are from! England, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Taiwan, UAE, Kenya, Bali, Japan, all over the United States and more!!! A lot of countries we have had to look up to see where you are in the world! 

We are so surprised that you are finding us... and coming back!

We have a request. If you are reading this would you please leave a comment with your location, how you found us and thoughts about the blog. Is there anything you'd like to see us write about? Any suggestions? 

 Don't forget... this is celebration week. Prizes are coming. Here is a reminder of the prizes and how to be eligible! 

Part One: A tree planted in Israel by our own hands. The winner may dedicate it to whomever they desire. A certificate will be sent to the winner along with a photo of us planting YOUR tree! 

Part Two:The second half of the gift is a special selection of products from Israel gift boxed and sent to your home. The products will include wonderful reminders of the beauty and marvels of Israel.  

Each time you participate, your name will go on a ticket which is put into the 'hat'. 
The winner will be announced November 15. 
Here's how you get your 'tickets':
1. Leave a comment below on this blog. Maybe tell us what you've enjoyed. Or how you found us. BUT be sure to leave your first name. Stop by and leave a comment each day. Each comment = 1 'ticket'

2 Go to 'The 2 Spies' Facebook page and post a comment.
Each day you post = 1 'ticket'

3. Send us an email:  1 email= 1 'ticket'

On November 14th a very cute grandchild will randomly pull one ticket from the 'hat'. YOUR ticket!!
 On November 15 we will post the winner! 


  1. Hi I am Ally from Wales and I really enjoyed reading The Food Tour of the North that you did :)

  2. Greetings I am a gentile from Colorado. Enjoyed the short video of harvesting grapes. -William


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