Friday, March 16, 2012

'Breathtaking' Jerusalem Marathon

In a few hours, Jerusalem will be teeming with over 12,000 athletes of varying ability to compete in the second Jerusalem Marathon. There are other races as well for those of lesser stamina~ like the one we entered. I call it the 'Bubbe Track' which is actually called the 'Public Race'. 4.2 K that can be run or 'walked at a brisk pace' Sounds like something this Spy can handle.

There is much preparation happening all week. Huge tents erected in Gan Sachar (Sachar Park), festive flags advertising the race and it's sponsors and a big health fair at the Binyaney Ha'uma  convention center. Going there last night to pick up our shirts and numbers gave me a better insight as to the magnitude of this event. So many different languages and faces from around the world!  Not being a runner, I didn't realize how big a deal this is!

According to the information on the website: The city of Jerusalem is blessed with the type of weather and humidity level which facilitate pleasant conditions for challenging and gratifying sports such as this marathon.

Davka, the wonderful spring weather we have been enjoying blew out yesterday and brought back cold, blowing rain~ difficult conditions for a race. This Spy is having second thoughts as to her participation~ being the conditional sportswoman that she is!
But what makes it a bigger deal to me is the spirit of the Mayor about promoting Jerusalem. Being a runner himself, Mayor Birkat has thrown his full support (and push) behind this race. The course is billed as 'Running Through History' and it truly is. On the official website there is a list of all the historical places on the route and information on their historical significance. Click here 

Due to the course's uphill and downhill trek throughout the historical city combined with the beauty of Holy Jerusalem, the race has been titled 'Breathtaking', Undoubtedly, more 'breathtaking' for some than for others. We'll let you know!


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