Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Breaking Free

Pesach. Celebration of our deliverance from slavery. The mighty Right Hand of G-d personally doing the miraculous to not only break our bondage but to show His great love and compassion.

Breaking  free.

Free to love Him in return. Free to serve Him. Free to... be free. 

As you are preparing for Pesach consider the areas where you may not be quite so free. As you clean your house of leaven, consider your personal 'leaven' and know that G-d has the answer for your freedom.
Take that personal 'leaven' to Him as you burn your physiacl leaven in the fire.

Breaking free.

Free to worship HIm. Free to be a Light to the nations. Free to.... be free

The night of the Seder, consider all your 'Egypts' and remember G-d's mighty Right Hand personally doing the miraculous to break your bondage.

Breaking free....

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