Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pesach Is Coming !

Once Purim was over with all it's joy and laughter and fun under a beautiful full moon... the realization hit me... the NEXT full moon would be PESACH. A mixture of sheer joy and panic! Only one month to whip this house into shape!! Oy!

So, I already began a week ago with the 'purging' of things that really have NOTHING to do with Pesach cleaning. You know... all the extra books, papers and 'stuff' that just keeps attracting more useless 'stuff' and now it's time to make a decision... keep it or dump it. So, out the door it goes.

Today I finished going through all my sewing fabric. How much does one person need? I know... when you are 'crafty' there are never enough supplies. BUT I had to take a fearless assessment of what I will honestly use in the next few months and find a home for everything else. So 5 bags of fabric are ready to find a new home! 

Getting ready for Pesach does not have to include this type of cleaning but there is something so wonderful in knowing that I have opened every closet and drawer, touched all my 'stuff' and put back only what is really used or needed. There is an inner sense of peace that settles into my inmost part that comes from having things in order.

The REAL cleaning will begin soon enough. To scrub all the kitchen and dining area, to read food labels to see what needs to be eaten quickly or tossed out. To plan to buy some new kitchenware just for Pesach and figure out which pots can be kashered and which cannot. To get the calendar out and write down when each step needs to be done and ask when they will be kashering and at what location. It is so wonderful to have this service and not have to do it all myself!! A great benefit of living here in the Land.

The 2 Spies do not make their own seder but our children do, each in their own home. (We alternate years between the two families) The day before Pesach, we take all the small children and give the parents the ability to do all the last minute details for the Sederim. Since everyone is so busy that day with all the tasks and we are all starving~ we take everyone out for dinner. This plan seems to work best for everyone and has become our yearly tradition.

If you haven't started to prepare.... don't worry.... you still have plenty of time. Here is a little inspiration for you.

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