Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Hidden Honey

Today's blog is a repost from three years ago. Today is the yartzeit of a dear Sister~ Kristine Luken. We want to honor her memory and not forget her life of love for God and the Jewish people.

As I sit here at the computer, making my 5th attempt to write today's blog, I realize that sometimes there just are no words. There is no precise way to express the deluge of thought and emotion. I will try, with the understanding that all will be a feeble effort at best.

There is a 'Honey' in the Land of Milk and Honey that is not always seen or known to those who walk the streets. There is a sweetness that flavors the atmosphere that is tasted and ingested but those who savor it may not even know they have been a partaker of this hidden nourishment. As in cooking, where the sweetner added is not the dominate taste but that which takes the bitterness out of the finished result, so is this 'Honey' in the Land. Not known, seen or even fully appreciated, but ever present none-the-less and doing its job to take some of the bitterness away.

Now, hopefully, you are asking yourselves what is this 'Hidden Honey'.

The 'Hidden Honey' is the Righteous Gentile. There are those precious Gentiles who have a love for Israel that defies logic. They pray for Israel, not just because it is commanded in the Bible, but because they are committed to the Land and its people. They spend most of their waking hours working on behalf of the welfare of Israel. They invest their time, finances, strength, lives for the betterment of the Jewish people in the Land. They encourage others to love Israel. They speak to their governments to support Israel. They make countless trips to visit and if it were possible, they would give up everything to live here. Their zeal over Zion could put many of we Jewish people to shame. They are spoken of in Isaiah 49:

This is what the Sovereign LORD says: "See, I will beckon to the Gentiles, I will lift up my banner to the peoples; they will bring your sons in their arms and carry your daughters on their shoulders.

To labor, without reward, on behalf of Israel. This is their call. This is their work. This is their joy. 
Kristine Luken was just such a Righteous Gentile. Her heart was alive with passion for the Land and for the Jewish people. Her prayers and labors have been a Honey that have sweetened this country in ways that we enjoy but are not aware of.  This past Shabbat, while hiking the hills outside Jerusalem with an Israeli friend, Kristine's life was taken from her. She was brutally attacked and murdered. Her crime? The terrorists thought she was Jewish. Her friend barely survived. Dear Kristine, who identified with Israel in life, ended up identifying with Israel in death. She will be greatly missed by all her family and friends. But we believe that the sweetness of the Honey of her life will continue to flow in this Land of Milk and Honey.


  1. what a beautiful allegory. i often think about kay wilson as she was living in my old apartment at haLulav. it was a terrible crime that is hard to comprehend, and can only ask YHWH for understanding so as not to take up an attitude of hate for those who committed the sickening act. it takes so much to hold on to the attitude of YHWH and keep the love and compassion of YHWH in one's heart and spirit instead of the revenge and hate and anger the world adopts.may the sweetness of those god fearer's who have passed into eternity and those who no longer live in the land be remembered for there attitude of sweetness and love.

  2. While Hanukkah is past, Jerusalem Snow is still beautiful! Barwyk HaShem Adonai! May we all have the sweetness of Hidden Honey. Shalom, Simcha


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