Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What is Your 18 Year Old Doing?

There is an awesome right of passage here in the Land that most everyone experiences~ Military service. All 18 year olds are expected to enter the armed forces or do alternate service. It is a reality of living in a country surrounded by enemies and it is a responsibility that the youth carry on their very young and inexperienced shoulders. But they do not carry it alone.

There are those who served before them, walking beside them helping them with their load. There are family members, friends and neighbors, who encourage them, pray for them and cheer them on in their duty. There is a special place in our hearts for these young men and women and we all see them as 'our' children. There is a mixture of our pride for them and our fear for them.

Not everyone has an 'incredible' time in the military but one thing all have in common~ it makes changes in your life for ever. Some for good. Some not so good. The bottom line is that G-d is there through each step holding each soldier in His hand and  all will eventually turn out for the good.

(The 2 Spies have adopted their own army unit to pray for the soldiers and send them 'goodies' and needed equipment)

HaShem... protect our men at arms....
Here is a song dedicated to the IDF by DOV:

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  1. Thank you for supporting our boys. My prayer for all of our holy IDF soldiers: May they live to be really old people, with wonderful stories to tell their great-grandchildren!


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