Thursday, July 14, 2011

Prayers & Squares

We have 2 personal requests to share:

1.       There is a young boy (aged 8) that we know~ A. ~ who recently had a tumor the size of a tennis ball remove from his brain-stem. It turns out that it is cancer. Now he is going through many different interventions to help him gain the use of his limbs and speech as well as chemo therapy.

Would you please pray for him? And for his mother~ L.~ who carries the whole burden by herself? 
                                                    Mi Shebeirach 
                  (Prayer for healing by Debbie Friedman, sung by Susan Colin)

2.      Would you consider sending square of fabric that can be joined together into a quilt to give to  L as a form of comfort and support? (we already made one for A) The specifications are:

*Between 6-10 inches square.
*It can be just one piece of cotton fabric in reds or blues.
*The important part~ please use a permanent fine-point marker and sign your name and  location so L. can see who is praying for them.  The fabric can be a new piece or cut from a  piece of clothing that you are getting rid of (like the back of a shirt)
Here are some examples. 

It would be great if all family members could send a patch~ or the members of your prayer group.

We will begin to sew the quilt in one month~ August 15th.

Please, feel free to share this with others who are interested.
The 2 Spies

Send your squares to:

Prayers & Squares
PO Box 541
Jerusalem 91004

Please post in the comment section after you send your envelope or send us an email so we know your square is on the way


  1. What a great idea! I'll get on it right away!

  2. I would like to contribute a block to this quilt. Could you please post a picture of the quilt you made for the little boy so I can get an idea of what to send you?

  3. I'm taking this request to my quilt guild when it meets next Monday.

  4. We cannot believe the response we are getting! And from so many different countries! Blessings on you all!

  5. I have posted a 6 " quilt square today from me and my church El Sobrante United Methodist Church.

    Hope you get lots of great blocks for the quilt.




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