Friday, July 22, 2011

Familiar Things

Hot, lazy summer days. Not enough energy to do anything but the minimal of tasks around the house. Lots of reading and drinking water. With a lack of activity, we noticed something  happening. Now, more than at the holidays, we are becoming rather nostalgic and 'missing' certain things from our home country. Don't misunderstand... we absolutely love it here (as you can tell by our previous posts). It is all very inspiring and exciting and every day there is something new to discover.

But, sometimes, it is nice to have the predictable and the familiar~ the events, customs and transitions that are our foundation (other than religious ones). It is July. The inner urge is to pull out the suitcases and pack everyone's things and head to OBX (Outer Banks, North Carolina) to spend a wonderful days in the sand and surf and nights playing putt-putt. Or to call friends to meet us late at night at Dairy Queen for soft-serve ice cream and chatter about baseball while the children play.

We are finding that the 'need' for the familiar does not mean that we are dissatisfied with our lives here in the Land. We are realizing that it is all part of the adjustment to a new life in a new country... a 'need' that helps us keep a balance between who we were and who we are becoming.

With this in mind, The 2 Spies would like to share a few photos of familiar things that we have enjoyed recently here in the Land:

Bowling! Can't get more American than this!

Such a blast from the past!  We can imagine poodle skirts, saddle shoes and Duck Tails!

The Elvis Restaurant~ filled with EVERYTHING Elvis!

Ahhh a pink Caddy!
 As if eating hamburgers at the Elvis Cafe and going bowling wasn't enough.... we thoroughly enjoyed a matinee performance of 'The Music Man'.  So much talent!
The Music Man

Lida Rose

"76 Trombones..."

                                                   Here's one for you to enjoy!!  Shabbat Shalom Ya'll


  1. I have been to the Elvis Cafe' near Abu Ghosh many times. A favorite! Steve Martin, Charlotte, NC

  2. Wonderful post! I lived there in Israel 40 years ago...and how it's changed! You don't even need to go back to the OBX now, now that you're there... So glad to have found your blog to fill me in on the past 40 years' developments. I look forward to reading more from you.

  3. 40 years ago!! I imagine that there are a LOT of changes. I know there are many just since we first moved here in '89 !! Glad you enjoy the blog be sure to check out some of the older posts. Looking forward to hearing from you!!


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