Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Jerusalem March

Israel Milk
Every year during Sukkot one of the highlights is the Jerusalem March. Sponsored by the city, everyone seems to want to participate.Israel businesses like the electric company, milk producers, judo classes and even the police department all take part. When we first came to Israel, the parades were a bit of a disappointment after our parades in  the States with big bands, fire trucks, beauty queens and clowns~ lots of entertainment.  The 2 Spies have to admit that the Israel participants have much improved in their presentation and zeal. Quite enjoyable.

There is one group that always has out-shown all other in the parade though. Year after year~ wars or no wars~ Christian Pilgrims who have come up to Jerusalem to celebrate 'The Feast of Tabernacles' (as they call it) have taken a joyous part in this parade. They love Israel. No, They are passionate about Israel. They are zealous over Zion. And their zeal and adoration for the Land and it's inhabitants is so moving~ sometimes to tears. If any Israeli is feeling discouraged in ANY way, after being at the march and being the recipient of such affection there is NO WAY they can go home untouched.
The 2 Spies would like to express our gratitude to all these Lovers of Israel who sacrifice so much each year to come up to Jerusalem and shower us with your loving support. May the G-d of Abraham bless you as you have blessed us~

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