Thursday, October 18, 2012

Joint Military Drill

Such a whirl of activity starting this past month~ First the Hagim with a major house move in the middle. LOTS of lovely company for Sukkot~ including our son and his family. Now everyone has gone and The 2 Spies are getting back to 'normal'.

For us, 'normal' seems to have made a right-hand turn and is traveling in a whole new direction. The past several years we have lived in a lovely, small, 'retired-honeymoon-cottage' (our term for an empty nest apartment.) We haven't entertained much nor been very active. Just enjoying retirement and family.

However, 'Someone' took hold of the corners of our lives and gave a really good shake. Everything has been up-ended with a move into a two story 4 bedroom house. (Thus the son could build his sukkah with us and move in for the week) We are certainly able to entertain more and to host whole family activites~ which will be our joy.

But, on a more sober note, we also feel that the empty space may be used for unforeseen events in the future. During the last war with Lebanon, many people had to leave the North and find a safer place to stay to wait it out. We are feeling that something similar will happen again. It is our hope to be ready to be hospitable should our fellow Israelis need a refuge.

We are sharing this today for two reasons.

One: Israel is getting ready to hold a joint military drill with the United States. Over 1,000 U.S. troops as well as Navy ships arrived last week. These drills will last a month. To read more about these drills click here. 
Trucks transporting 'Patriot' batteries
These drills are another reminder of the very real possibility of war for Israel.This brings us to reason number two we are sharing.

Always striving to bring a positive report about Israel, you may be wondering what The 2 Spies can find positive about war preparations.

We are reminded that we are a Covenant Nation. G-d has promised to never leave us or to break this covenant. In spite of 'wars and rumors of wars', we can stand firmly rooted in the reality of our relationship with the 'Shomer of Israel'~ the One who neither slumbers nor sleeps. The true Captain of our IDF. The One who has written us on the palm of His hand. We know that there will be devastating events in our future. Events come and go. Circumstances always change. What great peace in the midst of battle to know that we are being held by the One who never changes.

So, He will prepare us. He will provide physically what we need~ gas masks, emergency supplies, medical equipment~ for us~ a large home. But more importantly, He will provide the Peace that Passes understanding. And in this The 2 Spies can bring the most positive report ever.

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