Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ein Gedi

One of The 2 Spies went hiking on Yom Rishon (Sunday) As long as I have lived here I have never hiked Nahal David ( Ein Gedi). Not sure why not. When we came on tour the bus driver just pointed them out on our way to Masada. Having a willing house guest and a son who has hiked most of the Israel trail convinced me that it was time.

Sunday, leaving early to beat the traffic and the heat, we made our way out of Jerusalem toward the Dead Sea. We beat the traffic. We did not beat the heat. It had to be the hottest day of the year~

Heat or no, I was determined to do this. Packing food and water into a just-bought-at-the gift-shop back pack (I forgot mine at home) I was ready for the day. Only to find out 'NO FOOD ALLOWED'.

Wanting to be a 'typical' Israeli and ignore the rules because they are obviously for everyone else EXCEPT me I was going to take my snacks anyway. My son however, shamed me into being obedient and leave it behind.

Of course I was thinking this was an all day hike and now I was going to STARVE. Little did I know that the hike is only about 35 minutes long. That's all. Longer if one choose to lounge in the water. (Yes, in this national park one is allowed in the water)

We hiked Nahal David, lounged quite a bit and came out rested. Hot but happy. After a bite to eat, we decided to hike Nahal Arugot. This trail is longer and was supposed to have springs all along the way. I guess it depends on which trail one takes and how much rain we've had. We took the high road and wound our way up the rocky crags.

After huffing and puffing for about 20 minutes I asked our guide how much further (without complaining as said guide does not tolerate complaining) After seeing how far away our goal was, I took my water bottle and arranged to meet them back down the hill at an eddy I saw there.

Needless to say, getting out of the blistering sun and heat and sitting in the water for 40 minutes really made this Spy's day! Thanks to my Trail guide and our gracious companion for a great day.
Home of the Ibex... and King David for a season


Sweet young lady from the States (One of The 2 Spies at heart!)

You're right here 'Mom'

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