Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Who Will Support the Victims of Terror?

There are many victims of terror in Israel. Far too many. Once the initial news reports are over, these precious people are left to walk through their nightmare~ usually alone.  An appeal has come to the attention of The 2 Spies that we would like to share. If you are in the Jerusalem area, maybe you can be part of the support this family is needing. If you are not, maybe you can send emails of encouragement and prayer.Click here for original story.

Jonathan & Asher Palmer
The family of Asher and Jonathan Palmer has called for the public to come support them at the next hearing in their murderer's trial.
By Gavriel Queenann

Supporters for the murderers of Asher Palmer and his infant son Jonathan have been staging protests at the court where the trial is being held.

Michael Palmer, Asher's father, has asked the public to come and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the family at the next hearing in two weeks.

"In the previous hearing of about 20 terrorists, killers, murderers of supporters, sat in court, encouraged them, and shouted cries of support," Palmer explained. "Just me and my other son sat alone represent that Jonathan and all victims of terrorism in Israel."

"You can imagine the pain we felt when we saw the murderers receiving vocal support for killing my son and my grandson, and we were alone," says Palmer.

Palmer says the next hearing is scheduled for 9:30 a.m., on March 11, at the Ofer military base. The hearing is open to the public, but everyone entering the court has to be cleared by security first.

Those interested in supporting the Palmer family in court should email Michael Palmer by March 6 at, so that he can submit the names to the army for security clearance.

Asher Palmer, 25, from Kiryat Arba, and his son Jonathan, a year old, were killed five months ago while traveling on Route 60, near the village of Halhul, north of Hebron.
Arabs hurled large stones at Palmer's vehicle, one of which smashed through the window and struck him in the head. Palmer lost control of the vehicle, which rolled of the road killing him and his son.

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  1. Please let the family know that we are thinking of and praying for them. May they be comforted from Zion....Wish we were there to give more support....


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