Thursday, February 23, 2012


40% to our Goal!

Orr Shalom's Re'ut Intensive-Care Home for Boys

We know. We know.... we were to stop at the end of December.... but we just couldn't. We so love these children and are committed to help them as much as we can. SO.... we are continuing to raise funds. Other than this fund raiser, we are also helping out at the home with other more personal and immideate needs~ like games and toys, blankets, holiday celebrations. We wish you could come and visit and see their precious faces light up! Anyway.... back to today's blog~
We are 40% through our initiative to rescue 24 abused boys and help save their home from closure. Thanks to people like you, we have raised $8.035.00.

Our personal goal is $20,000. This is only part of what is needed to rescue these boys from going back into abusive situations. (Remember~ if renovations are not made the government will close the home)

We still urgently need your support to save the 24 boys’ home. A boy like Eliav.
Eliav, nine, has lived in Orr Shalom’s Reut Home for Boys for three years. Aged six, he was found scavenging for food on the Tel Aviv streets, at night. His mother, a victim of violence traumatized from life experiences, could not look after him. Home was the old Tel Aviv Central Bus Station. When Eliav arrived at Orr Shalom, he had suffered severe neglect. He did not speak, his clothes and body were dirty, and he had animal-like behavior.

Today, Eliav is an independent, sociable boy who has learnt basic life skills. He built up strong relationships in Reut, and can communicate through speech. His mother regularly visits him and the staff is helping them forge a positive relationship. Reut believed in Eliav and changed his life.

Reut is the only place in Israel that accepts and cares for boys who have suffered the most extreme physical, emotional and/or sexual abuse, neglect and tragedy. If we don’t raise money for urgent renovations, Reut will close, and Eliav, and 23 boys like him, will lose their home. 

Please give a little to save these boys’ home, and share the initiative with your friends via Facebook. Twitter and emails. You will have a real impact on these boys’ lives!
On behalf of Orr Shalom Reut Home for Boys, we thank you very much
The 2 Spies
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Click here to learn more about Orr Shalom (the parent organization)

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