Saturday, September 24, 2011

Why Do the Nations Conspire?

 What an interesting time we are allowed to be living! What a responsibility to stay alert and correctly understand the signs of all that we see happening around us. This past few days in the UN have been quite an historic time with the potential for massive evil or massive good~ depending on the outcome.

The 2 Spies want to thank all our readers and friends for all your fervent prayers on behalf of Israel and for your notes to us with your concern about our welfare during this political attack. What can we say?

During the past few weeks as we pondered the possibilities of what 'may' happen at the UN meetings the L-rd gave us an overwhelming sense of peace. He spoke to our hearts to 'Be Still'. The message that we received over and over and over again.... 'Rest'. 'Do not be afraid.' 'You do not understand now what is happening.... but you will'

Why? None of what is happening is a surprise to Him. There is nothing in the hearts of the people that He does not already perceive. He has a plan and He is still in control~ no matter what.

What those that come against Israel do not understand~ and historically never did~ is that to come against Israel is to come against G-d himself. He is the One who has established the Jewish national homeland. He is the One who promised Avraham and made His covenant with him and his future generations. He is the One who does not lie nor break covenant. 

Psalm 2: Why do the nations conspire and the peoples plot in vain? ...... The One enthroned in heaven laughs; the Lord scoffs at them.

We think this cartoon is very appropriate to the situation:


So, what was the general feeling in Israel during this past couple of days while the UN Durban III conference against racism (re: anti-Israel) and Abbas' push for statehood was the center of attention~ what was happening? What The 2 Spies noticed was this:

Life went on. Like always. No matter what is happening in and to Israel~ life goes on. Like at other times~ whether it is war or terror attacks or external political craziness~ Israelis continue with 'LIFE'. Do the people not care? Are they apathetic? Do they not understand or perceive the danger? Not hardly. Actually, anything but. With continual threats to our existence, we are very well aware. But there are several continuing underlying thoughts or foundations that we all live with every day. We have MANY enemies and they want us dead. BUT we also have the Creator of the Universe who is our advocate and on Him we build our trust~ not the circumstances~ no matter how grim or painful. 

So, what happened in Israel this past few days?  These 2 Spies painted three rooms in their house and planted flowers for winter. Another 2 Spies kept going to their new kindergarten every day and joyfully taught the children. Another 2 Spies began preparations for the upcoming High Holy Days. Another 2 Spies went about their daily routine without missing a beat. What happened in Israel? Life!  A strong statement of continuing to establish our homes here and to fully Trust that G-d is a promise keeper and is totally in control. G-d has planted us in this Land~ never to be uprooted.

Shabbat Shalom dear Friends. Toda Raba for all your prayers and support. You encourage us and make life easier! 

PS If you want to hear Bibi's speech to the UN click here: Bibi at the UN

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