Thursday, September 15, 2011

Are You a Son of Issachar?

The Torah tells us that the sons of Issachar understood the times. They were alert. Discerning. Aware. Knowledgeable. The verse states : 
  And of the children of Issachar, which were men that had understanding of the times, 
to know what Israel ought to do

Their knowledge was not just for knowledge's sake~ it was for guidance and direction for their country. Without correctly understanding the times, they may have made many erroneous decisions and lost many lives. They may have been blind and deceived and in grave danger.  

We are living in days when we need to have understanding of the times. Pick up any newspaper in any country and you will be hard pressed to find mediocre news much less any good news. Turmoil and troubles abound in all directions.Injustice, rampant evil, corruption, oppression ... In the midst of the swirling abyss that threatens to suck us down with it, are we aware? Are we like the sons of Issachar and understand the times?  Do we know what to do?

In order to make quality, mature and responsible decisions one must understand what is happening around them. There is a tendency to want to not notice and just let things 'be'. Return to the 'good ole days'. Hope it will all go away or that someone else will rush in and 'fix' everything.

Normally, The 2 Spies tries to be as positive as possible. When it comes to Israel, it is our policy to bring a good report. So, how does all the dark negative around the world fit into a good report about Israel. It can be a good report if you, Jewish reader, will adopt the stance of the sons of Issachar. It is time to awaken from a slumber and to take a fearless inventory of the situation around you. The time is coming, again, when you will no longer be able to live in your home country. We say 'again' because countless times in our history it has come to the point where our neighbors no longer saw us anything other than 'Jews' and undesirable.

Don't wait until you must run in haste. Do not believe the thought that tells you 'it won't happen here'. It WILL.

There is only one place for you to be able to fulfill your complete destiny. Eretz Israel. The place the G-d has carved out for His people.  Come now while you can come in leisure with your family and goods. Come now and enjoy the fruit of the Land. Come now while the doors are open. Whatever barriers you may think are in your way preventing your Aliyah they are only your personal Red Sea waiting to be parted. You will experience your own personal nes~ miracle~ as you say 'YES!'.

We do want to hear about your journey. We are interested in your struggle to let go and to come. Please feel free to write to us. We do care and look forward to the day we can greet you at the airport!
When He Brings Us Home
(Video by Bob Faulkner. Music~ Carolyn Hyde's CD "He Will Appear")

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  1. I will restore my people Israel. They shall rebuild ruined cities and inhabit them; they shall plant vineyards and drink their wine; they shall till gardens and eat their fruits. And I will plant them upon their soil, nevermore to be uprooted from the soil I have given them said the Lord your God. Amos9:14-15


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