Sunday, May 1, 2011

Yom HaShoah ~ Holocaust Remembrance Day ~

Tonight, Sunday May1, begins Israel's Yom HaShoah. Tonight and all day tomorrow there will be many programs of solemn remembrance of the people who died and those who are still living with the horrors of the Holocaust.

How do we remember?  How do we honor the names of those who died and make sure their life and death was not in vain? These are questions each person must answer for himself. To do nothing, to not mark the time in some fashion is like stepping across the line and joining those who deny this ever happened. The 2 Spies would ask all to not avoid this day because it is too painful and difficult to encounter. We who have no connection have the privileged of stepping into the world of our suffering brothers and sisters and for this one moment, help to make their burden a little lighter~to let them know they are not alone nor forgotten. For those who have personal suffering because of the Holocaust, please know that we stand with you waiting the full healing that can only come from heaven.

For those with children, we would caution you to make your observance sensitive to their age and ability to carry such a load. Below are some links that may help in your personal or family commemoration.

They Spoke Out:American Voices Against the Holocaust

Yad VaShem

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