Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Jerusalem Day

 Tonight begins the celebration of the reunification of the City of Jerusalem 44 years ago. There is much emotion when thinking about the chesed, grace, of G-d in allowing His Holy City to be brought back into the hands of His people. The 2 Spies are overcome with gratitude and a somber joy mixed with responsibility. Responsibility to be a good steward of this precious gift. The joy of seeing the wonder and good of this Golden City. The need to be found worthy to carry the mantle of one who is a watchman on the walls~ crying out day and night~ not giving G-d any rest until He makes Jerusalem a praise on the earth. The greatest gift is being here, at this time and season for the preparation of our Messiah's coming.

From Jerusalem, we wish you much joy!

(Enjoy this presentation by AISH)        The Heart of the Jewish People

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