Sunday, May 1, 2011

Perspective on Yom HaShoah

The Agenda was to completely destroy the House of Israel. In whatever measure, cause the Apple of G-d's eye to suffer untold misery and suffering on their way to the grave. As one of The 2 Spies expressed, this day has been difficult for him because of the depth of sadness involved. It was a day that was hard to enter into. Tonight, at lighting the Yitzchor Candle, the G-d of Heaven gave great comfort and revelation. It is important to remember this time. It is vital to not let loved ones be forgotten. To maybe even consider how would it have been for me as though I had personally been there. BUT....

It is even more important to remember the Almighty One and His Everlasting Arms that always sustain. Always in all times and all places to Remember not just the suffering and death BUT to Remember the One who never leaves us nor forsakes us. To look heavenward for comfort, hope and strength. To give praise that the Agenda did not succeed.  In looking to the L-rd of Heaven we find that there will be persecutions and suffering. It is in the destiny of those who are called according to G-d's great love and purpose. What is to be our preparation. What is to be our response. These are the lessons to be learned from the Holocaust for ourselves and future generations.

We say 'Never Again'. It is our battle cry. It is our deepest hope. It is our greatest fear. But if we will but open our eyes it is 'again'. There are many who are suffering and who have suffered in massive untold demonic ways. The angel of death sweeps the earth looking for food for it's soul. As for the Jewish destruction~ the groundwork is being laid day after day. Many of the same thoughts, opinions and creeds are held all over the world desiring the destruction of the House of Israel. The same apathy rules the hearts of the 'powers that be' who turn a blind eye and a deaf ear. The call to the Jewish people to come home to G-d's gift, Israel goes unheeded. The underlying hatred of the Jewish people is still fermenting in the hearts of many 'Christians'. The ripening of the fruit of the tree of destruction is coming ready for harvest.

And what shall our response be? Shall we cry 'Never Again' and remain blind and deaf? Or shall we turn our hearts and ears to the Voice of Heaven and learn from Him. There are many lessons from the Holocaust. Those who perished~ what would they tell us?  The greatest is to 'Never Again' be so blind or deaf or foolish as to rely on our own strength and but to be awake to the signs of the times and be prepared. To keep our eyes on our Maker and press into Him.

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