Monday, January 3, 2011

The Next Generation ?

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  1. wow!!! omgosh so true...Americans are knowing less and less of who Israel is....I'm sure part of the enemies plan that when Americans here about Israel defending herself...they focus on whatever the biased press/ media has to say...which is how MOST Americans form their opinions..."JEWS are BULLIES..kill innocent Palestinians.." what is shown on news is the IDF in a negative of barricades and guards...bombs going off.
    "Israel's unwillingness"

    As an American Jew, I have been shocked to see protesters and haters of Israel become more blatant and hate fests occurring on "american" college campuses or in our streets.

    In my lifetime (40 barely ; )) it was unfathomable for me to think that a Holocaust could ever occur again. with so much "love" for whales, trees and recycling and a "Green" earth movement...some of those same people are now haters and protesters of the Jewish people and Israel because of their "mis information" which is the plan of the enemy..but I have now seen and heard and experienced how "quickly" things can change....selah...thanks for this was very eye opening and provoking to me.


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