Saturday, January 8, 2011

Jerusalem 1918

Jerusalem in 1918 of Jacob Gross exposure . Amateur film presents a rare and unique daily life in the Old City , Western Wall, Jaffa Street Market . Damascus Gate on Atarngolutio Jewish holy sites , David's Tomb , Rachel's Tomb, Yad Avshalom spring shipping . The music of the desert spirit Nachtshe Hyman fitted originally silent film , courtesy the film edited by Jacob Gross. The film is a Jewish family in Amsterdam and it is unclear if the father collected the fragments , or shot them himself in order to encourage Jewish tourism to Jerusalem after the British occupation . Some of the pictures were taken at the end of the era Ottoman . The new stores look like the film 's Jaffa Street : Shlomo and AI Cohen & Sons Ladarebarag . The film was obtained by Meir Barak, work promoted by the network author Jacob Gross Jerusalem Atara"ah - 1918. who want to purchase a copy can contact PO Box 909 Givatayim 53 108

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