Monday, May 5, 2014

The Subject of History

Tonight begins the celebration of our 66th year as a Nation~ a Jewish nation! What a marvelous miracle we have seen in our lifetime~ like resurrection from the dead. What a joy for The 2 Spies to be allowed to be part of this building and living a Dream. No place on the earth we would rather be.

In learning more about our Home we saw how the vote in the UN was made and found it interesting to hear some of the 'side' details. We thought you might enjoy this also. Be encouraged. Be inspired.

"Whereas for these 20 centuries, we Jews were always the object of history. That is an object where others made the decisions for us.

As of that date (November 29, 1947) onwards we suddenly became again the subject of history. Where we make the decisions for ourselves."

May it always be so~ with the help of G-d.

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