Saturday, May 10, 2014

Planting the Land

Spring is has fully arrived in Israel. So many beautiful flowers to enjoy. The weather bouncing back and forth between summertime hot and late winter cold. Such a glorious time of the year... in spite of having a pollen allergy.

 After having a harsh snowstorm this past winter, Spring is especially welcome. This storm wiped out over 10,000 trees. Such a great loss. Now is a great time of year to be planting trees. A wonderful tradition and way to build the Land.

 "There are two advantages to planting trees; one – as a future investment. Sometimes people invest their efforts in transient matters, but the Torah guides us to invest our efforts in planting trees in order to root ourselves in the Land through permanent means. The second advantage is that with the abundance of trees, the Land bears fruit that has intrinsic holiness and when the Jewish nation eats these fruits, many other commandments are performed...."
 HaRav Eliezer Melammed

We went recently and planted trees with a dear friend from the States. Close by is the Biblical Land Reserve ~ Neot Kedumim. It is a unique recreation of the physical setting of the Bible. Planting trees not only builds the Land but is a great way to celebrate a new life, or the passing of a dear friend. A memorial here in the Land.

Watering my Almond tree

 Next year will be a year of 'shmita'~ a year to allow the Land to rest. During that year we do not plant trees.This year is the time to re-plant those trees that were lost~ NOW before summertime.

The 2 Spies would like to invite our readers to participate in building the Land by planting a tree (or 2 or 20) There are several places you may donate but we recommend the one below:

Here is their promo video:

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  1. well, since the end of november 2013 to the beginning of march 2014,
    i have lost 3 family members, and i just learned about the one in march this past week, and the last 2, i have planted trees in israel in memory
    of my family members through jnf. sisnce i live on social security, it is less expensive for me than, but i would encourage people to use either organization, since they are both doing a wonderful job greening israel.


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