Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bits and Pieces

Hanukkah is over. The Hanukkiahs are all washed and put away for another year. Time for The 2 Spies to increase our discipline for exercise and proper eating to undo the effects of  multiple potato latkes and sufganityot.

We want to share just a few bits and pieces from our time at Kraft Stadium yesterday.

* Announced at the flag football tournament:
        "Someone's Kippah is on the field. Get it back on your head please."

* At the same game:
      "Boys~ tuck your tzitzit in and be sure to grab only the flag"  

*  One of the billboards at the stadium:

"Halachic Organ Donor Society"

After being raised in the galut we find these daily bits of 'Torah life' charming and refreshing. 

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