Sunday, December 2, 2012

Almost Hanukkah!

One week from last night will begin the celebration of Hanukkah. We want to write more about Hanukkah ~ which we will another day~ but right now we want to focus on the joy of all holidays~ food~
Every celebration has it's own special culinary delight and Hanukkah is no different. Traditionally foods that have some measure of oil involved are the basis for Hanukkah eating. The most popular are latkes and sufganiyot.

Yummy.. and jelly filled
The sufganiyot have been available in the bakeries for several weeks already. The 2 Spies have resisted taking a taste so far~ preferring to savor the calorie-laden goodies during the hag. There are so many varieties of fillinf here in the Land~ vanilla, chocolate, hazelnut, praline and of course many types of jelly filling. One dear friend who has diabetes keeps looking for a sugar-free sufganiyot. Let us know if you find one.

Everyone has their own version of latkes. A little like the matzah balls at Pesach there are 'special' ingredients or techniques to making the perfect latkes. Our grand daughter couldn't eat white potatoes one year so her Ima made latkes out of sweet potatoes and green zucchini. DELICIOUS~ And of course all of these are served with heaping spoons of sour cream and applesauce.

Later this week The 2 Spies will have all our grandchildren over for a cookie-decorating party. The cookies in this photo are an ideal. I am certain that ours will have much character and pizazz if not be so artistic~

Do you have a favorite Hanukkah recipe? Would you like to share it with the readers? Send it to us at and we'll be happy to share it.

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