Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Gush Katif~ 8 Years Later

 Tisha B'Av~ the day we mourn the loss of the Temple (twice) and our original expulsions from Israel as well as numerous other tragedies to the Jewish people. It is  day of grieving.

8 years ago~ on the day after Tisha B'Av~ we became our own worst enemy. The Romans, the Babylonians~ we expect evil from them. But our own community? Never could we have imagined. The Ariel Sharon government expelled 13,000 people from their own homes, land and businesses. For what? Peace? To apease world governments? Only G-d really knows. It was a time of complete insanity. Total destruction. And we know now that it did not bring peace~ it only brought our enemies closer to their targets~ us.

Today ~ the Yartzeit of the Gush Katif communities~ we remember and mourn their loss. 8 years later 50% of the people expelled still have not been able to find homes, farm land or rebuild their lives. Never mind the anguish of heart and soul that may never be repaired or healed.

We can only look to G-d for justice. Healing. Reparation.


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