Sunday, May 20, 2012

Jerusalem Day 5772

Today all Jerusalem is teaming with celebrations of sheer joy! Thousands descending on the Holy City to rejoice in the miracle of a united city. United. Never to be divided again. Many thanks and appreciation to all those men who made it possible. Men of Destiny.

I am home (I'm not one for LARGE crowds). There is a park down the hill from us that we can see. Today we can hear the school children as they have a 'field day' to commemorate Jerusalem Day. It is a blessing to hear the older folk songs of the 60's being played as the children play. I wonder how much the children actually understand or is it just a good day because they are not in their school desks.

An identity takes a lifetime to nurture and grow. In their measure these little ones have had planted into them the seed of being part of something greater than themselves~ part of Clal Yisrael. They, who have been born here, are growing up not knowing what it is to be afraid or shameful to be Jewish. They have a confidence that comes from drinking in the spirit and spice of this Land. It is being nurtured in them the beauty of Torah, the faithfulness of G-d to His promises and a sense of Destiny that can not be found anywhere else.

My grandchildren are in that park. Their roots spread back to the United States and further beyond to the Ukraine. They draw from those roots but are also growing new and deeper ones here. Here where they are a part of the continuum of Biblical miracles. Here where they will fulfill their true Destiny. I look forward to see what their Destiny will prove to be and how they will be a part of building this Land.

Here is the story of a great man~ General Uzi Narkis~ commander of the liberating forces. A man of Destiny.

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