Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Neot Kedumim- Biblical Nature Reserve

The wonderful, glorious season of Sukkot is now over. What a marvelous bracha (blessing) to be able to celebrate in Israel! And so close to Jerusalem! There is an excitement that is contagious,even to those who may not build a sukkah. The children are out of school~ this year since the day before Yom Kippur~ which made for an extra long hag More time to celebrate... and to enjoy. In Jerusalem there were numerous events every day. The 2 Spies are not 'crowd' people so we limited our excursions to the open house at the Jerusalem fire house (more on that later) We did however, go outside of Jerusalem to a Biblical nature reserve called 'Neot Kedumim'.  This marvelous park is great in any season, but for Sukkot they really go all out. There were crafts for the children, plays and music. But the main attraction are the various types of sukkot that are built out of natural products. The children (and adults) who are knowledgeable have a great time challenging each other as to which of the sukkot are 'kosher' and which are not. Let's see if you know!
#1 What you cannot see is the grape vine growing on the left front~ which makes this particular sukkah~ Kosher or not?

#2 This sukkah covered in palm branches was about 3 stories high!

#3 The children really enjoyed this 'mini-version of a sukkah. Just their size!
#4 Another favorite... Army tent style. 'Kosher' or not?
#5 Obviously everyone's favorite~ a tree 'house' sukkah!  Lots' of fun here (Hint this IS kosher... sometimes... when?)
#6 Sukkah with an extra cover.

#7 Triangle sukkah
Etrogim growing on the tree
We highly recommend Neot Kedumim to you the next time you are near Jerusalem. It makes for a pleasnat, peaceful day.  You may even want to plant a tree! Check out their website:Neot Kedumim


  1. What fun! I would guess that #2 is NOT kosher? Now that I know what makes a sukka kosher or not :-)

  2. That should have read that I do NOT know what makes a sukka Kosher :-)

  3. What a fascinating place. I have no clue what makes a sukkah kosher either. Please tell us.


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