Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Little-Known Facts

Today's blog is a cartoon-discussion about the contributions of Israel to the world market and some well founded facts about our intentions toward the Palestinians and statehood. Enjoy!

PS  Someone asked why yesterday's blog was titled 'The 10th Leper'. There is a famous Bible story about 10 lepers who were healed. Only one came back to say 'Toda'. The 2 Spies realized that we have been praying and praying for rain and were forgetting to give a heartfelt 'Toda' for the beauty of our wet winter.

Yom Tov!


  1. This video is RIGHT ON!!! Anyone who has not listened to it has missed a treat and also the un-adulterated TRUTH about Israel!!!
    God told Abraham that through him ALL the nations of the earth would be blessed! This video confirms that promise!!!

  2. I love you guys sooo much!!!! I'm so glad you found me on here!
    BTW... I'll be coming to Israel on March 6 and will be there for a month!!!!
    I don't know our schedule yet, but I will let you know when I know (hopefully Wed next week).
    LOVE YOU!!!!

  3. Great video. "I don't care" is the world's motto it seems


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